About us

A team of doctors and cosmetologists, professionals in the field of medicine and cosmetic surgery, experts in cosmetic formulation, has joined their experience and know-how to develop a unique method to create truly effective skin care solutions for any skin type, providing customizable and trustworthy products focused on performance since the first application.

Chiara Cravino

Dott.ssa Chiara Cravino
Pharmacist and Cosmetologist

Expert in cosmetic formulation and functional and basic ingredients. Providing to Unicaderma a recognized expertise in the field of cosmetics and invaluable energy, she is responsible for coordinating the cosmetologist and medical team who develop the products.

Dott. Enrico Fruttero

Provides to Unicaderma his professional experience and knowledge in medicine and facial cosmetic surgery. He is the aim of the customization process and will help you find the most effective, exclusive and unique skin care solution through a targeted analysis.

enrico fruttero chirurgo
Elena Fruttero Sales Manager Elena Fruttero
International Sales Manager

For years living in Montecarlo, home to luxury and niche products. It offers Unicaderma its experience in trading and its international contacts for commercial development.