Sun Protection

Protecting the skin from the adverse impact of the sun is fundamental for its health and beauty. In fact, we are all exposed to the UVA/UVB/IR radiation 365 days a year, and, hence, to the risk of skin diseases and inhomogeneous pigmentation. That is why Unicaderma has developed a highly-effective and convenient sunscreen suitable for the daily use. Moreover, Unicaderma sunscreen was made with sports enthusiasts in mind; these highly reliable and water resistant sun protection creams create an invisible shield on your face and body!

Sunny Day SPF 50+ and Sunny Days SPF 30 are two light emulsions sunscreens featuring the high (SPF 50+) and medium-high (SPF 30) protection and dry finish. Both creams were formulated with the organic and inorganic filters that develop a thin and invisible film on the skin, protecting you not only from the UVA and UVB radiation but also from the less known Infrared Rays (IR) that cause skin aging.

Furthermore, the “airless” packaging – an innovative system designed by Unicaderma – keeps the cream protected from the light, air, and humidity and guarantees the longer sustainability and effectiveness of the product!