Men Booster

An innovative skin care solution, a concentrate of super moisturizing active ingredients, soothing and antioxidant. Quick and easy to apply, designed for the busy man who cares about his skin; this fantastic fluid formula is a breakthrough in skin care.


Zero oil to avoid the annoying feeling of nail on the skin
Zero alcool to prevent burns, irritations and redness
100% active principles to have a combined action in a single product


MEN BOOSTER has been targeted to meet the specific needs of the male consumer. The men needs to moisturize and sooth the skin after shaving, showering or after his daily cleansing routine. The man needs a practical product, but at the same time truly effective, comfortable and performing.

cosmetico uomo booste


Extremely handy and easy to use: just spritz the product onto clean skin. Spray MEN BOOSTER on the left and right sides of the face or directly onto the palm of your hands, then tap gently onto the whole face. Just a couple of spritz and you are good to go, no need to apply any additional cream.

The formula

The essential amino acids and components of the NMF (natural moisturizing factor) provide hydration and restore the integrity of the skin barrier. The most powerful soothing ingredient with natural origin: Dipotassium Glycyrrhizinate – licorice extract – soothes inflammation, redness and irritation caused by shaving, providing balance and protection to the skin barrier. Vitamins C and E act as antioxidants to prevent the formation of free radicals and preserve the skin from aging. The Azelaic Acid prevents and combats the appearance of rashes and skin irritations. Finally the cross-linked Hyaluronic Acid, thanks to its particularly complex structure, is able to convey a huge quantity of water molecules (many more than the traditional linear hyaluronic acids) providing to the skin a correct and deep hydration and ensuring the tissues’ health and firmness.