Our philosophy is based on a COSMECEUTICAL approach. Beyond cosmetics; Cosmeceutical: “more than a cosmetic, less than a drug.” The cosmeceutical concept combines cosmetics and effectiveness, the ultimate pharmaceutical goal. Unicaderma has developed an innovative method that follows these principles to create truly effective solutions for any skin type.




We believe one size does not fit all. Your skin is as UNIQUE as you: elasticity, hydration, skin type, texture, sebum production varies greatly from person to person. Each skin has its very own characteristics and deserves a specific cosmetic product. This is why Unicaderma, founded by a physician and an experienced cosmetologist, provides customized, groundbreaking products. All our formulas are created through an innovative process, starting from a meticulous analysis and a deep knowledge of aesthetic medicine.


We develop cosmeceuticals containing active ingredients in high percentage of concentration. The effectiveness of these substances has been proven in numerous scientific tests. We don’t just test the single active but we also experiment the effectiveness of the blend of active ingredients and thus the synergy of action. The tests are being developed at the prestigious Department of Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Technology at the University of Pavia, Italy. All our products have passed the stability tests, microbiological tests (challenge tests, microbiological tests on individual lots) and dermatological tests on volunteers (patch test), as required by European law on cosmetic products. (REGULATION (EC) no. 1223/2009).

100% EASY

Purify, cure and renew your skin in one simple gesture. Just spraying on the face your booster during the day, you will nourish your skin with soothing, moisturizing and antioxidant active ingredients. In the morning and evening, you can just add a few drops of your booster to your usual cream, to create your very own and even more effective skin care treatment.