Kimé Booster

The skin care solution tailored to your needs. A revolutionary product, a highly-concentrated fluid formula of active ingredients. Combined to your cream or sprayed onto the face, allows you to target your own specific skin concerns

What does it mean KIMÉ?

KIMÉ in Japanese indicates a perfectly organized skin texture, indicative of a healthy skin, so we decided to call your custom booster.

How can I customize my KIMÉ BOOSTER?

To customize your personal facial treatment you have to follow 3 simple steps:

  1. Buy the product: insert the product into your cart, enter the delivery details and complete the payment.
  2. Run the Test: After you purchase, you will receive the instructions for your TEST online, a simple questionnaire that will help us analyze your skin and personalize your KIMÉ BOOSTER
  3.    Get the product home: in less than 1 week you will receive your personalized product at home

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When does KIMÉ BOOSTER apply?

In the box, find the instructions to use your KIMÉ BOOSTER.

  1. Morning and Evening: Apply the booster before your face cream and massage it gently. The day or night cream you apply immediately afterwards will further absorb the cream.
  2. During the day: if you can apply it even in the middle of the morning and mid-afternoon to remove the signs of fatigue and revitalize your color. You can also use it over your make up.
  3. Every 2 weeks: soak up one of the fabric masks found in the package with hot water and booster. Hold it in place for 20 minutes and your skin will be immediately radiant and moisturized.
How does KIMÉ BOOSTER apply?

In the box you will find the KIMÉ BOOSTER, a dropper, a convenient spray and 3 fabric masks.unicaderma_booster_personalizzato_applicazione_viso_spray2 You can choose whether to apply your booster through the eyedropper or nebulizing it as you see in the picture. If you think it is more practical, spray the product first on your hands and then apply it all over your face, taking care to avoid direct contact with your eyes. For better absorption of the booster, we recommend using light circular movements to spread it all over the face evenly. You can also add a few drops to your face cream to maximize your desired action (anti-age, anti-stains, moisturizing, soothing, anti-imperfections …).

The personalized facial treatment that



Your tailor-made Kime BOOSTER provides a long-lasting result: its effective action will relieve your skin from imperfections. Stress, impurities, pollution and a scarcely balanced diet negatively affect the natural functions of our skin slowing down the cellular rhythms and triggering the oxidative processes responsible for aging and loss of brightness. A regular use of the booster will restore your skin’s radiance and natural balance

Trattamento viso personalizzato


Your customized booster has an immediate effect: you will enjoy the benefits within a few seconds after the application. The formula, enriched with refreshing and rejuvenating ingredients, acts instantly delivering freshness, tone and relief to your face. After a busy day, apply just a spritz of your Kime BOOSTER and you will be ready for a night-out. It is designed to penetrate through your makeup and be applied on-the-go: take it with you and use anytime, anywhere!

Made for you

You can have your own face treatment in 3 simple steps.


After the purchase you will receive the directions to take your online test, a simple questionnaire that will allow us to carry out a skin assessment


Our experience and scientific expertise will guide us to deliver a targeted diagnosis and combine a unique formula for your skin

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You will receive your customized Kime BOOSTER in 5 days . You can now take care of your skin with a tailored and effective solution