Origami detergents

Detergency is a fundamental step to have a perfect skin.

Pre Cleansing oil:  The Origami Cleansing Oil dissolves the sebum and gently eliminates the impurities that are deposited on the n on our skin.
It is a mixture of oils studied to be as close as possible to the molecules that constitute the impurities that are deposited on the
our skin like sebum, pollution and make up. It is able to blend with them and dissolve them to make them easier to remove from the Cleansing Mousse
(step 2).

Cleansing Mousse: The origami Detergent Mousse is soft and light, cleanses and gently purifies the skin thanks to the precious selected active ingredients. It consists of delicate surfactants, able to bind by affinity to the
Pre Cleansing Oil, dragging impurities connected to it with rinsing,
without contact with the skin, allowing an extremely delicate cleansing and at the same time very deep and effective.